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Dot All – CMS Craft Conference


The Dot All Conference ist the official Craft CMS conference. The conference will be held  on 20-21 October. Next to other exciting speakers, Henrik Hentschel is presenting the following talk:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Author Experience

Speaker: Henrik Hentschel, User Interface Developer at Zeix

A carefully crafted website can only shine with great and up-to-date content. Therefore, the author’s experience is key for developing great websites. In my talk, I share how we use the possibilities of Craft CMS to empower and support our authors and discuss some do’s and don’ts when establishing a craft backend.

We approach author experience in a similar way as we approach the actual website: with user-centered design (or author-centered design in this case). I work in a team of 30 developers, information architects, UX designers, User researchers, and UX writers who work closely together.

The authors of the websites we create are usually employees of the client. Creating content is usually not their main responsibility and they need a lot of support.
Time is short and requirements for texts and images are often unknown. We as developers can help editors to provide content more accurately, faster and happier.

Details & Registration

Location: Online
Language: English

Details & Registration