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ON.UXCamp: Rememberability – an underestimated factor in UX

IxDA Schweiz

Next to other exciting speakers at the UXCamp Zürich, Annina Brügger, User Experience Architect at Zeix is presenting the following talk:

Rememberability –  an underestimated factor in UX

Speaker: Annina Brügger, User Experience Architect

Annina Brügger is a UX architect at Zeix and holds a phd in geography/digital cartography – the study of maps and map design. Many concepts of map navigation and their effects on users‘ mental models can be transferred to digital products. One of the concepts is the natural human ability to navigate and to remember. Unfortunately, the topic of rememberability is rarely discussed in UX. In her talk, Annina will introduce 5 key principles of the cartographic navigation theory that influence rememberability and she will show how they relate to everyday digital products.


About the event

UXCamp Switzerland is a one-day immersive unconference planned by a team of local volunteers, focusing on UX and all its related disciplines. Over 120 UX professionals, students, enthusiasts, and supporters sharing what we’ve learned, the mistakes we’ve made, and how we had fun doing it. Asking thought-provoking questions, challenging ‘best practice’, and opening our eyes to what we didn’t know we didn’t know. We are UXCamp Switzerland.


Details & Registration

Location: online
Language: English
Cost: Free

Details & Registration