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Speculative Futures Zürich Meetup: Designing Inclusive Futures in K-12 Education

Speculative Futures Zurich / Zeix

Lisa Kay Solomon, currently a designer in residence at Stanford University’s Institute for Design (aka „d. School“), will share her insights and experience about the future of education.

Lisa is a passionate TEDx speaker and frequently keynotes at leading business schools, such as Stanford University, Oxford Said School of Business, and Hult Business School. As a committed educator, she has taught design to hundred of educators and students. Furthermore, she coauthored the Wall Street Journal bestsellers and authors for the popular series on Singularity Hub.

About the Speculative Future Zurich Meetup

Design as a tool to speculate about the possible, desirable, or completely impossible future. This Meetup is for anyone interested in Speculative Design, Critical Design, Design Fiction, Discursive Design, Strategic Foresight, Science Fiction and Futurism. We invite people to show us what the future might look like. We make the future tangible in collaborative workshops.

We are a member of the Futures Design Initiative which brings together local communities on „Speculative Futures“ with meetups around the world.

Details & Registration

Location: online (Zoom)
Language: English
Cost: Free

Details & Registration