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You Have Earned 100 Points and a Bonus Life


How Apps and wearables are changing Therapy and Prevention.

Speaker: Dr. Sibylle Peuker, Senior User Experience Architect,  Zeix AG, Zürich


About the conference «Life Science Forum Basel»

The Life Science Forum Basel is a full day conference.  Programme 2015

LSFB is an independent, interdisciplinary and practical knowledge sharing association supporting the Basel Life Science community and bringing a practical insight into the latest developments in the pharmaceutical field. With LSFB we created an open atmosphere for experience exchange and provide a discussion platform for the communication of the latest developments in our industry. Every year the Forum attracts more than 100 people to share, present and exchange on same topics of interest. The LSFB wants to highlight leading edge and upcoming trends in the life science industry. Our objective is to be a forum for innovation exchange and provide a discussion platform for new ideas. Our content is developing each year taking into consideration the feed-back we got from the participants and the life science community.