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Human Centered by Design – What we can learn from Chatbots

Vortrag Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces

Chatbots are predicted to dispose Apps. But the new hero of human-machine-interaction needs deep empathy for humans who interact with it. It’s all about conversation now: Which issues do we want to have solved by a bot? When do we prefer to switch to real humans? How do we learn to design what others may need to hear? Sibylle  will share some of our learnings from Design Thinking Workshops for amazing bot experiences.

About Botscamp, the Swiss Online Camp Conference

The botscamp is a digital place where collaboration is just a click away. Maybe you want to share the story or success of your bot, maybe you would like to learn from botcreators or business models or maybe you have an interest to learn more about the world of bots in communication. The session most voted will make the opening session on Dec 7, 2016 4pm CET.

Registration is open, you participate online right from your favorite working place.